July Bargain Holidays – 10% OFF

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July is a great time to travel around France and Spain. The surf is consistent, the weather is warm and everything is open and ready for the summer rush in August.

We are offering 10% discount on holidays over 7 days from the 13th July until 28th July.

There are limited spots left. Remember to add your discount code into the “extras” comment box as you place your booking.


Living the Dream Life

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These guys over in California have it nailed. This video epitamises what most of us would call a dream life. Well, France is as good and more (girls go naked on the beach!). Our mission this summer is making our own version of this video!

France Surfing from Above – Video of Drone shots!

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We are blessed to live on this amazing endless beach in South West France. This is home to some of the best beach breaks in the world. These guys captured the beauty spot on, with everything filmed from their drone. Sit back and enjoy.

Flying in the Waves from glorybox on Vimeo.

Campervan Rental France – Top Tips

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We have been renting camper vans for surfers to travel around France and Spain for 4 years now. We’ve seen all number of different people through our doors and come back with smiles on their faces. If you are thinking about a campervan holiday check out this post from Surf Europe, they nail it on the head:

“In general you’ll have two main van trip windows in life. One when you’re young, desperate to surf/mingle on faraway shores and don’t mind eating packet noodles from a saucepan standing up one bit, probably passing out on the beach hours later possibly with a fishy index finger for that matter. Then another, a bit later in life, when you’ll focus more on stovetop espresso, will give greater importance to the folding chair and table (as provided by www.vantripper.com !) will pack both sundried tomato and basil pestos, and will perhaps take in more ancient monuments/bird watching sites between shredding the gnarl.”

Read more at http://surfeuropemag.com/features/van-tripping-autumn.html#kHX6EfVUbxUJuEIQ.99